Complete Guide to Different Types of Hair Highlights

Complete Guide to Different Types of Hair Highlights

Everyone gets tired of their hair at some point. One of the best ways to make a fun change, without getting an extreme or questionable cut, is to add highlights. The right highlights not only brighten and bring dimension to one’s hair, but they also result in a boost of confidence in yourself.

There are many different shades and types of highlights, and this can be a little confusing, especially when sitting in the stylist’s chair and feeling pressured to make a decision. The best thing is to familiarize yourself with the terminology stylists use when referring to the different types of hair highlights. That way, you can feel confident when you show up for the appointment that you know exactly what you are looking for, and you are both on the same page.

Traditional Highlights

This type of highlights is the kind most people think of when they hear the term. The color starts at the scalp and goes to the ends of the hair shaft, and foils are placed in a particular pattern, which results in a consistent look throughout. The look can vary greatly based on the exact shade and how close the highlights are from each other.

Highlights can be full or partial. Full refers to when highlights are placed throughout the entire head of hair. Partial highlights are when foils are placed only around the face, and the natural hair color is left around the nape of the neck and throughout the back. This results in a framing or brightening effect.


Are you looking for a more subtle look? Babylights are pretty much as they sound and are not as obvious as traditional highlights. They are more of a petite kind of highlights and are an excellent choice for those with fine hair. Babylights give the hair a nice glow and shimmer, and they look like you have just spent some time in the sun.



When considering the types of hair highlights, balayage is a technique that refers to a painting or sweeping on of color. This is a French coloring method in which the stylist applies the color freehand, and the result is a more modern and natural effect. It starts with a certain hue at the roots and then has a subtle transition towards the end of the strands. This is very versatile and can range in hues from blonde and brunette to more unique colors such as neons and pastels.


Foilayage combines the look of bayalage with the technique used with traditional foils. Because this method does not use a consistent pattern, it has a more natural look. The hair looks softer at the scalp and is lighter on the ends, and this helps with a more natural look when the hair grows out. This method is a good choice for those with darker hair and want blond highlights or for those who want a more natural look.

Ombre and Sombre

Ombre is a popular type of hair highlights that that is dark at the roots and lighter at the tips. It is often described as giving the hair a shadow tone.
Sombre is basically a subtle ombre. It gives the same gradient look but in a less obvious way.

Get Your Highlights at Elite Styles Salon & Spa

With the different types of hair highlights, there are numerous options for someone who is searching for a new look. Whether it is a more subtle appearance or a bold change, there is something for everyone. However, when it comes to coloring hair, not all salons are the same. Elite Styles Salon & Spa provides better-looking and more classy results, and the stylists have the experience to know what looks good for each client. Book an appointment for a consultation to determine the best type of highlights for your needs.

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